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imgvue is a photo-sharing service that rewards content creators for their creativity and passion. The app allows you to upload content which can be rewarded by other users with Kin!


Try imgvue before itís officially released and become one of our first users!

Important: This test release may be less stable than future releases of our app. Please report any bugs or issues that you encounter.

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas - please send them our way using the contact form on our website:


Kin and the Kin logo are trademarks of the Kin Foundation. This is not an official App of the Kin Foundation. · Share via Whatsapp

News Related to IMGVUE
Instagram alternative IMGVUE is working on adding followers to profiles and video sometime later

How was your experience with this app & what did you like or dislike about the Kin intergration

this is a realy Instagram Killer... nice
Received 5 Stars
just needs followers and profiles
Received 5 Stars
With kin this has the potential to crush instagram. Out of many awesome apps in the Kin ecosystem IMGVUE is by the far one of the best.
Received 5 Stars

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