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MadLipz lets you make instant voiceover and subtitle parodies to share with everyone! You could be the creator of the next viral meme!

Select from thousands of ready-to-go clips for you to dub, sub, watch and share! Your profile displays everything you've made, and you can showcase your best work in your very own reel. Lurk your friends profiles and check out their Lipz too. · Share via Whatsapp

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How was your experience with this app & what did you like or dislike about the Kin intergration

its actually a lot of fun to use for teenagers
Received 4 Stars
Haha hilarious vids. Love it
Received 4 Stars
There is no fun using the shotcoin KIN. It was Imposed on us. We have to pay for sharing, using filters and for likes. All users are angry 🤬
Received 3 Stars
I forgot to set 1 star. (The post: There is no fun...)
Received 1 Stars
I forgot to set 1 star. (The post: There is no fun...)
Received 1 Stars

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