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Betting/Gambling Android & ios mobile APPS using Kin Cryptocurrency
#1. PeerBet Betting/Gambling
a fun app which allows you to earn kin while betting on sports etc.
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#2. Win KIN Jackpot Betting/Gambling
every day you can win a KIN jackpot by sending some kin to the KIN address given on this app. just join :-)
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#3. BlackJackin Betting/Gambling
In this awesome blackjack game you can gamble for free! Simply watch an ad to earn free Kin and bet as much as you want! Learn how to play blackjack like a pro without spending a dime and still winning and earning a virtual currency you can use on other apps within the Kin ecosystem. The value of Kin is growing as more apps join the circuit!

Every week there's a bad beat jackpot! Zero balances will auto-fill up to 1,000 Kin based on play time. You simply can't lose in this awesome blackjack game! Fill up your bags of Kin as the investment could increase and you could make A LOT of money! Now is the time to get in on this and there is no where else you can make this much Kin in such a short amount of time.

We love feedback and want to hear from you if there are glitches or you are not happy with the UX/UI. The Kin community is wonderfully critical and we want to hear from you either through email or Reddit.
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#4. Crazy Nine Slots Betting/Gambling
A fun slots game with 9s that pair and triple up to do damage to your balance!
Not to worry about losing it all when you can stack new coins and Kin every 30 mins!
Earn FREE Kin by participating.
Send Kin to the Jackpot pool and enter for a chance to win it ALL!
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