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Social Android & ios mobile APPS using Kin Cryptocurrency
#1. IMGVUE Social
imgvue is a photo-sharing service that rewards content creators for their creativity and passion. The app allows you to upload content which can be rewarded by other users with Kin!


Try imgvue before itís officially released and become one of our first users!

Important: This test release may be less stable than future releases of our app. Please report any bugs or issues that you encounter.

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas - please send them our way using the contact form on our website:


Kin and the Kin logo are trademarks of the Kin Foundation. This is not an official App of the Kin Foundation.
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#2. Nearby Social
Meet People
Meet fun people living in your city.

Dating App
This isn't another stupid dating app. Our users like to get outside and do things, just like you.
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#3. KIK Social
Chat with username and not by telephone number with friends and random people and earn and spend kin on in app purchases
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#4. Tapatalk Social
Tapatalk is the mobile home to over 200,000 online forums worldwide. On Tapatalk, you will be interacting with like-minded individuals to develop meaningful conversations on the topics that interest you.
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#5. Swelly Social
compare photos and vote on photos
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#6. Snipit Social
Snipit allows you to share any of your discoveries and then rant about them. Discover others' interests and postings of news articles, Twitch videos, Reddit posts, Tweets, Medium Blogs and anything else the little heart desires.

Earn Kin to tip users for their posts and enjoy a social media experience without comments and trolls. Express yourself freely without worrying about the future because all posts delete after 48 hours to keep the content fresh and fun.

Once you start sharing and reading you won't stop. Follow friends and others if you like their interests and what they post. Find alternative news and information you won't find elsewhere. Be one of the diggers and share what's REALLY happening in other parts of the world.

We don't censor but users can report offensive, violent or spam and earn Kin. We take these things seriously but we also want you to express freely.

Enjoy Snipit's social media of the future, where the trolls and negativity toward each other stops!
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#7. OkPerk Social
Loyalty program powered by Kin for Instagram brands and influencers to activate their communities and increase quality engagement.
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