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PHP Development with KIN Cryptocurrency and other programming languages

So you want to build websites & services to work on KIN Cryptocurrency.
KIN is a fork of Stellar. That means almost all code for Stellar works for KIN
The only difference is you have to point to the right horizon URL:
and use the mainnet passphrase: 'Kin Mainnet ; December 2018'

So if you get this SDK for example you have to edit the
/src/horizon/apiclient.php and change the passphrase and horizon url

this works with the PHP code just like with the JS Code from Stellar

the other thing you need to look out for is you don't need 20 XLM in the account. I haven't tested 0 account balance creation yet but 1 KIN definitely works
the fee for non whitelisted transactions is like 0.0001 KIN or something. Whitelisted transactions have zero fees and you need to go through the KIN foundation for that
To get the transaction amount right you have to divide it by 100. so when you would normally send 1 XLM in KIN thats 0.01

on the website you will find officially supported SDKs like python, nodejs, android, unity etc.

if you need any help with the stellar PHP code drop me a line as i will probably use that the most:

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